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Our Founder

You’ve likely come across Skin & Tones founder Martin Gratton online (@Martinthefrenchguy) and witnessed his overflowing personality and boundless creativity. From a young age, Martin channeled this energy into dance and his passion for the art-form has propelled him to social media stardom. Thanks to his daring choreography and unwavering positivity, dance has taken Martin around the world and allowed him to share his passion with a diverse and global audience.

In addition to dance, Martin has always been driven by entrepreneurship, having previously launched the successful clothing brand flwrchild. Meditation, yoga, and all things health and wellness have also been a large part of Martin’s personal development. Growing up in the small town of Cantley, Quebec with his two parents and three brothers, closeness to his family is a central pillar of Martin’s life.

With ancestral family ties to the Algonquin First Nations community of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Martin has further emphasized the importance of family by celebrating his heritage and connecting to his Indigenous roots. Like many, Martin places particular importance on the symbolism of tattoos and acknowledges the deep significance tattoos hold in many Indigenous communities. From marking life milestones, clan affiliations, hunting achievements, and even spiritual rituals, Martin holds great respect for the symbolic nature of tattoos and their more than 3500-year history.

Stemming from his Indigenous roots, Martin’s environmentalism and respect for the land permeates his everyday life. When not in the studio dancing, Martin can often be found foraging, fishing, or connecting physically and spiritually to the natural world. It comes as no surprise that from the outset, Skin & Tones has prioritized the use of the finest natural ingredients in its products, believing that promoting healthy skin and a healthy planet are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Martin’s vision is for Skin & Tones to be much more than a tattoo after-care company. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, a commitment to diversity and inclusion is close to Martin’s heart. Advocating for diversity in all forms, Martin believes in embracing your true self and living authentically without the fear of judgement. With this spirit of inclusion, diversity, and family in mind, Martin aims to create a community that welcomes all through Skin & Tones. Making post-tattoo care easy and accessible, with products that are highly effective, good for your skin, and good for the planet.

Welcome to Skin & Tones!


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