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At Skin and Tones, we're more than just a team – we're a dedicated family of experts. With a blend of creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of skincare, we've come together to craft products that not only enhance the vibrancy and longevity of your tattoos but also elevate the overall health and beauty of your skin. Welcome to the Skin and Tones family, where we blend art and science to elevate your tattoo experience.

Martin Gratton (Martin the french guy)

Founder / Owner

Meet Martin, the visionary owner and creator of Skin and Tones. He is the driving force behind the brand's social media content, overseeing operations, and meticulously organizing every aspect of the business.

Martin's mission goes beyond skincare and tattoos; he aspires to transform the global perception of the tattoo industry. To him, increasing representation within the industry is essential, and he is dedicated to making this change. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to inclusivity, Martin is at the forefront of a movement aimed at redefining the narrative of the tattoo industry and making it more diverse and accessible to everyone.


Mélissa Jean-Brice Vales

Event Organizer

Meet Melissa Vales, our multifaceted Event Planner. Hailing from the charming city of Gatineau, Quebec, and now based in Toronto, Melissa is not only a skilled event organizer but also a talented Singer/Songwriter.


Her passion for creativity and her eye for detail make her an invaluable asset to our team. With Melissa at the helm, we turn every event into a harmonious blend of artistry and meticulous planning

Miambi Kassé

Content Creator

Allow us to introduce Miambi, an integral member of the Skin and Tones team who shines as both a model and content creator.  ​


Her diverse journey from Ottawa to various parts of Canada complements her creative endeavors. Her multifaceted background and vibrant spirit add a distinctive touch to our Skin and Tones family.


Mark McCann

Project Manager

Meet Mark, our talented Project Manager at Skin & Tones. With a background in both writing and filmmaking, Mark brings a unique creative perspective to the table. His previous experience in the business world has equipped him with a versatile skill set that bridges the gap between artistic vision and strategic implementation.


Mark has recently returned to his hometown of Toronto after stints in London, UK, and Vancouver, BC. With a passion for storytelling, he is ready to infuse his diverse experiences into the heart of Skin & Tones.

Karine Delorme

Artist / Graphic Designer

Meet Karine, a valued member of our Skin & Tones team, contributing her skills as an artist and graphic designer. 


Outside of the studio and design world, Karine finds solace in the serenity of forest walks, drawing inspiration from nature's beauty.

Karine test.png

Ana Lopez

Model / Content Creator

Originally from the sunny beaches of Cancun, Ana now lights up Canada with her creative spark.


As a dancer, she understands the art of movement, which she translates into her work as a model and content creator for our brand.

Kirstie Cameron

Marketing Manager

A vibrant force hailing from Nova Scotia but currently residing in Toronto. She is the proud proprietor of K Creatives, our trusted social media marketing partner.


 Kirstie's life has been a journey of artistic expression, with dance as her lifelong passion. Her role extends beyond the title; she's our social media guru, consultant, and content wizard.

Kirstie test.png
Bea test.png

Béatrice Lefebvre-Laflamme


Meet Beatrice, our talented writer at Skin and Tones. With a college degree in political science and communication, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. ​


As an avid reader, she's always eager to dive into new literary adventures. Beatrice's diverse background and love for the written word are instrumental in bringing our brand's message to life.

Angélique Bergeron

Artist / Graphic Designer

Angelique is a self-taught artist passionate about drawing and traditional painting. When she's not creating, she climbs walls as an enthusiastic climber and staff member at a climbing gym.

Although she is new to the field of graphic design, her creativity is boundless and makes for a dynamic addition to our team.

Angel test.png
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