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Q: How do I take care of my new tattoo?     ​


A: To ensure your tattoo heals well and retains its quality over time, proper aftercare is crucial. We suggest washing the area with our cleanser Le Nettoyant then gently applying a layer of our tattoo moisturizer Le Baume. Reminder to refrain from direct sunlight and swimming until your tattoo has fully healed. ​ ​

Q: How often should I use Skin & Tones?     ​


A: To maintain optimal moisture and minimize scarring, we suggest using Skin & Tones 2-3 times a day for the first 2 weeks after getting a new tattoo. Once healed, we recommend continued daily use to maintain tattoo health and prevent premature fading.

Q: Is Skin & Tones only for new tattoos?


A: While our focus lies in providing optimal care for new tattoos, our product is designed to nourish and protect tattoos at any stage of healing and beyond. We highly recommend incorporating Skin & Tones into your daily skincare routine to ensure not only the health of your tattoo but also to enhance its longevity and vibrancy. ​



Q: Can Skin & Tones be used on all skin types?     ​


A: Absolutely, Skin & Tones is created for all skin types and colors. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that our products are suitable for everyone. ​



Q: Are Skin & Tones products tested on animals? ​


A: No, Skin & Tones products are not tested on animals. We are committed to cruelty-free practices and ensure that our entire product range is developed without any animal testing. ​



Q: Are Skin & Tones products vegan?    


A: Yes, all Skin & Tones products are both vegan and cruelty-free. This commitment is rooted in our belief that choosing vegan products is not only a testament to our respect for animals but also a conscious step towards a cleaner, more compassionate world.  ​ ​



Q: Can I use Skin & Tones on a fresh tattoo?     


A: Absolutely, our products are safe to use on your fresh tattoos. In fact, they are formulated with ingredients known for their healing properties. 

Q: How long should I wait before applying the moisturizer?   ​


A: We recommend waiting 48 hours before applying our moisturizer. ​ ​



Q: How long should I wait before using the cleanser?     


A: We recommend using the cleanser right after your tattoo appointment or immediately after removing the recommended bandage. *Please adhere to your tattoo artist's guidance regarding the duration of bandage retention*               


Q: Can I use Skin & Tones products on all types of tattoos?     ​


A: Yes, Skin & Tones products are safe for external use on all tattoo types, sizes, and placements. However, they should not be used internally, such as in the mouth, eyes, or any internal areas. ​     



Q: How can I purchase Skin & Tones products?     ​


A: You can purchase Skin & Tones products through our website. ​

Q: What kind of ingredients are in Skin & Tones?     ​


A: Skin & Tones uses natural ingredients specifically formulated for tattooed skin. For detailed information on our ingredients, please visit the ingredients section on our website. ​ ​



Q: Is there any specific way to store your products for maximum efficacy? ​


A: Yes, storing our products properly is important for ensuring their maximum efficacy. We recommend keeping our products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.



Q: How do your products promote healing and longevity of tattoos? ​


A: Our formula incorporates an innovative technology, featuring a unique blend of ingredients such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, & more  that deeply nourish and protect the skin. For detailed information on our ingredients, please visit the ingredients section on our website. ​ ​


Q: Where are your products manufactured? ​


A: Our products are proudly manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

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